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Seraya Energy clinches Business Superbrands 2010

superbrandsSeraya Energy is pleased to share that it has been awarded the inaugural Business Superbrands 2010 Award, which was launched to recognise top brands in Singapore’s business-to-business industry.

Business Superbrands is an exclusive award for established B2B brands, where participation in the Business Superbrands programme is strictly by invitation only. The award is recognition that a brand has established the finest reputation in its field, which is able to offer its customers significant emotional and/or tangible advantages over its competitors.

The company is delighted that recognition was given to its efforts in building the Seraya Energy brand. Assessed based on brand reputation, market share, achievement, innovation and social responsibility, Seraya Energy clearly stood out from its competitors to garner this award.

The company has always understood right from the start that it has to distinguish itself from the competition, especially in an industry where the primary product sold is homogeneous. As such, Seraya Energy abides by a credo that goes beyond supplying electricity – it also seeks to deliver excellent services and value to its customers.

Its winning edge hence lies in its people. In this time-starved, fast-paced environment, customers value quality time, knowledge and personalisation. A Seraya Energy Account Manager is not just ‘another salesperson'. Rather, he differentiates himself by listening and understanding the complexity of the customer’s problem before offering solutions.

Developing a deep understanding of its customers’ needs and challenges is also probably another reason why Seraya Energy has managed to maintain its market leadership position over the company’s last three financial years. Without a doubt, the ability to provide excellent customer service and value-added services has also been key.

Lim Sam San, Vice President of Seraya Energy said, “This award validates our approach towards excellent customer service. Every staff in Seraya Energy plays a role to ensure that our services are delivered professionally and exceed the expectations of our customers. The award win is a strong motivation for the team and will spur us even further to continue to work hard and abide wholeheartedly by our motto of providing ‘Energy for Success’ to customers.”

More on the Business SuperBrands Award…

All brands invited for the Business SuperBrands programme go through a stringent two-stage qualification process. At the qualifying stage, brands are assessed on three aspects: locality, longevity and financial stability. During the second stage, the Superbrands Brand Panel, an independent group of marketing and communications experts, will evaluate the brands and score each brand against five criteria: brand reputation, market share, achievement, recognition and corporate/social responsibility.

This award is an extension of the widely-known Consumer Superbrands awards programme that has paid tribute to companies like Google and SingTel.

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