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Forging an enabling partnership with Denka

DSC_0652When Denka,a Japan-based company dealing with styrenic compounds, first set up operations in Singapore, the company was initially concerned with procuring steam from a private company. It presented a different set of challenges compared to Japan, where energy was procured from government-linked companies.

However, Denka realised they had no cause for concern after they established a close working relationship with Seraya Energy. The latter has since become the preferred electricity retailer for the company. Seraya Energy’s parent company, YTL PowerSeraya, is also providing steam to Denka Singapore.

DSC_0658Mr Michio Kawamura, General Manager of Denka Singapore, attributed this to the Seraya Energy team’s style of working which complements their own – a conscientious effort to look into cost savings and providing ample opportunities to strengthen working relations.

He shared, “Seraya Energy provided a good overall utility package and I am glad this partnership with Seraya Energy has at the same time improved Denka’s relationship and cooperation with other companies on Jurong Island.

"[This is] similar to risk management. We cannot operate on Jurong Island alone, we need mutual support."

Denka Singapore is glad that Seraya Energy has demonstrated their ability to empower them in their decision making process, as well as provide strong and prompt support. Mr Kawamura added, “Our partnership is like a long-term marriage.”

About Denka Singapore

Denka Singapore is a Japan-based company dealing with styrenic compounds. Its parent company, DENKA (Denki Kagaku Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha), continues to grow as Japan’s top manufacturer of carbide chemicals since its establishment in 1915. In 1962, DENKA launched its petrochemicals business and subsequently embarked on electronic materials, pharmaceutical products and other various businesses.

Outside Japan, Denka has four plants in Singapore and one plant in Suzhou, China. Each plant produces a specific type of chemical used in a wide range of products.

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