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Empowering Households and Businesses to Switch

Come April 2018, households and businesses in Jurong will be the first batch of consumers in Singapore to have the option of choosing their electricity retailer under the soft launch of a fully liberalised electricity market.

This spells good news for consumers, as they can look forward to more benefits through their selected electricity retailer, as well as enhanced service standards and varied price plans to suit their needs.

As announced by the Energy Market Authority, a total of 108,000 households and 9,500 businesses in Jurong whose premises have postal codes starting with 60-64 will benefit from the soft launch in April next year.

Since March 2013, the electricity market has opened up progressively in phases to allow greater competition and smaller businesses a choice in choosing their electricity retailer. At the same time, retail arm Seraya Energy has been growing in tandem with this industry move by offering various financial electricity packages and mapping out consumers’ switch-out and on-board journey for a smooth transition.

As part of Seraya Energy’s continued commitment to help consumers save costs and provide a seamless experience, the private electricity retailer has also been preparing itself for the advent of a fully-liberalised market – which will take place in the second half of 2018 comprising 1.3 million accounts that are mainly households – with new service solutions and tailored price plans.

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