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YTL PowerSeraya Brings PLAY to Students

5-Feb-Woodgrove-Pri-29New programme seeks to educate youths on water appreciation.

YTL PowerSeraya has partnered Waterways Watch Society to launch ‘PLAY’ (Punggol Learning Adventure for Youths) – an interactive learning programme that seeks to raise youth’s awareness and knowledge of water issues at both the global and local level. A three-year project sponsored by YTL PowerSeraya, with Waterways Watch Society as its knowledge partner, it aims to reach out to 400 upper primary and secondary school level students in its first year and eventually up to 800 students in another two years.

5-Feb-Woodgrove-Pri-34Under the PLAY programme, students will cover an educational trail at the Punggol Waterways guided by a facilitator from the Waterways Watch Society. During the two-hour session, students will learn about water-climate change issues, the causes of water pollution in Singapore and gain an appreciation of water as a precious resource through activity stations. They will also be given the opportunity to visit the Energy Learning Hub, located at YTL PowerSeraya’s adopted school, Greenridge Secondary School. The visit will seek to further enhance their understanding and knowledge of climate change and the energy-water nexus.

The first outing was recently held on 6 February, with 30 student participants from Woodgrove Primary School.

‘PLAY’ is an extension of YTL PowerSeraya’s partnership with Waterways Watch Society, of which the integrated energy company had previously sponsored a fleet of 15 bicycles over four years to support the latter’s patrol activities at the Marina Bay Reservoir catchment area. This latest programme forms part of YTL PowerSeraya’s on-going efforts to engage youths on energy, water and climate change.

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