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The Dawn of a New Energy Era

Note by Neil McGregor, MD of PowerSeraya

md-neil-mcgregor_bigIt is my pleasure to present to you the inaugural issue of PowerSeraya’s first ever e-Newsletter, Energy Connect. The e-Newsletter, which will be sent out on a half-yearly basis, aims to connect PowerSeraya with its valuable customers and business partners such as yourself.

At PowerSeraya, we have made good progress by building complementary businesses around our core focus of power generation. The outstanding financial performance all round our four key operations – Utilities, Retail, Energy Markets and Oil Trading – have consolidated the Company’s position in view of rising competition and volatile oil prices. This diversity and strength we have built has enhanced our competitiveness as an integrated energy provider based in Singapore.

Moving forward, we are already primed to prepare for gas trading, as well as looking to being a significant purchaser of LNG now that the gas market in Singapore has liberalised.

Already, our reverse osmosis desalination plant has also allowed us to be self-sufficient in our own water needs and provided potential opportunities for us to sell potable water and steam to customers such as those in the petrochemical sector.

The capability to expand our energy portfolio and provide bundled utility services has been a core differentiator for PowerSeraya. Yet, as sustainable development options in the production of energy are limited, we need to pursue a broad array of growth opportunities so we can continue to provide affordable energy solutions and help build a sustainable future at the same time.

As you are probably well aware, our parent company, Temasek Holdings, has initiated a sale process to sell PowerSeraya. Despite the impending divestment, we remain committed to growing the business and improving our range of energy services. Moreover, a new shareholder may provide an additional avenue for PowerSeraya to harness the growth potential in the region and effectively respond to industry challenges that lie ahead in an increasingly competitive environment.

As we embark on the next step to create greater value for your business needs, we would like you to share in this journey with us – as it is you who has been a key driving point of our growth. With that in mind, this e-Newsletter will serve as a link to keep you informed of the PowerSeraya Group’s key initiatives.

Thank you for your continuing support and the opportunity to enjoy a successful and enduring relationship with you.

Yours truly,
Neil Garry McGregor
Managing Director
PowerSeraya Limited

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