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Sustainability Programme REAPs Results

reapSince the pilot launch of PowerSeraya’s Responsible Energy Advocates Programme (REAP) in June 2010, tertiary students have been busy helping households in the South West district save energy over three months from July to October.

With REAP, tertiary students were trained to be energy advocates in order to raise awareness on energy conservation among the wider community. Although only in its first year of launch, 60% of the households under this programme managed to achieve energy savings, while 33% achieved savings of at least 6%. Under the programme, each household was given a sum of money to implement energy saving fittings. The commendable results were made possible through the help and hard work of the students who helped with the fittings. They also sought to encourage the residents to adopt behavioural change measures.

Correspondingly, an Energy Savers contest was held for PowerSeraya’s staff as part of the company’s efforts to engage staff in the REAP and do their part for the community. The staff winner of the contest who achieved a 25% energy reduction in his household eventually became the company’s ambassador and visited the households to share with them his experience and energy saving tips.

Besides educating the households on energy conservation measures, tertiary students under REAP will also be required to submit energy-conservation themed projects that benefit a defined community of their choice. Customers who are thinking of conserving energy in their workplace and have a project idea in mind, may consider doing a project with tertiary students under REAP. If keen, please contact Sally Teo, Marketing Manager, at 6213 8738 or email

About REAP

REAP is a sustainability programme that is fully funded by PowerSeraya and developed with partners in NEA and South West CDC. The programme aims to develop tertiary students to be energy advocates in Singapore - to raise awareness on energy conservation, implement energy improvement solutions for households and to engage in energy conservation project work for the benefit of the wider community. The pilot run of REAP started in June 2010 and saw tertiary students going through a four-day sustainability workshop. The students will end off this six-month programme with project work centred on energy conservation.

In the same vein, PowerSeraya has implemented many sustainability initiatives besides REAP. Staff’s on-going sustainability and community efforts which were reported in great depth and breadth in the company’s second sustainability report has also earned it the Best Sustainability Report by ACCA, making it the company’s second consecutive win. Further details of other sustainability initiatives of PowerSeraya are available online.

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