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Strengthening Service Standards With Customers’ Inputs

customer_survey_-_for_articleWe hear you!

As one of the key players in the energy industry, Seraya Energy is committed to listening to its customers’ needs and wants. A customer survey was conducted in June 2011 to collect feedback and understand customers’ changing needs.

From the survey sent out to more than 2400 respondents, Seraya Energy received positive ratings from customers in the accuracy and timeliness of bills, as well as ease in processing bill payments. The survey showed that the three most important factors that determine an excellent energy procurement experience are: price, accuracy of bills and post-sales customer service.

Through the survey, Seraya Energy also received interest from customers for real-time metering and energy efficiency solutions to be implemented. Such solutions will continue to be explored by the company to add value to its customers’ experience. In order to fine-tune customer communication, Seraya Energy also found that 40% of customers would like the company to engage them on a bi-monthly basis while 67% would prefer engagement via email.

To all who have participated in Seraya Energy’s Online Customer Survey 2011, thank you for your valuable feedback. The information will definitely go a long way in helping the team understand and serve you better. As an appreciation, the first 50 survey respondents will receive an exclusive Starbucks Card worth $10 each. Seraya Energy will endeavour to strengthen its service in all areas in order to bring greater success to all our customers!

Some testimonials through the survey:

"You have a team of high spirited and courteous staff, who are very helpful at all times. Keep up the good work and WELL DONE!"
Shaun Ng, Logistics Manager, International Bearings Pte Ltd

“Seraya Energy is a company that has put in a lot of conscious effort in energy conservation and efficiency, such that it has become part of the company culture.”
K.M. Tan, Procurement Manager, Tyco Electronics Singapore Pte Ltd

“Staff who talked to me over the phone in response to my inquiry on the recent billing changes was very polite and helpful. You represent Seraya Energy well. Thanks!”
Kelly Choo, Office Manager, Elim Church Assembly of God

“I like the service that Seraya Energy allows users to participate in its meter reading event that occurs every two months. This is something that other energy companies don’t do from my own experience. The reason I like this service is that we can be sure that our bills are accurate….”
Bertha Lu, Accountant, Andover Global Pte Ltd

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