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Sharing Insights at Industry Forums

Seraya Energy recently shared some of its industry and customer insights at a Customer Focused Utility event held in late October. This event, held in conjunction with the Singapore International Energy Week 2016, covered customer-focused topics and strategies such as user experience and mobility – in view of full liberalisation taking place in 2018.

As an established retail electricity provider, Seraya Energy shared its experience and observations on the retail electricity market revolution. During a panel group discussion, Seraya Energy delved into the efficiency of the electricity supply chain, smart energy capabilities and the importance of a customer centric culture.

At the Singapore International Water Week (SIWW) 2016 which was held in July, parent company YTL PowerSeraya also participated in one of the event’s key industry forums as a speaker to share more on its water capabilities. Using its 10,000m3 SWRO desalination plant as a case study, event attendees gleaned insights on the company’s efforts and best practices on water efficiency and sustainability within the power generation industry.

As various major industries face water-related challenges, companies are increasingly seeking viable solutions for environmentally-sustainable business operations. With water a key component in power generation operations, YTL PowerSeraya was able to discuss with other industrial players and solutions providers the role of water sustainability and its benefits to help them address the challenges of water management.


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