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Seraya Energy Caters to Dairy Farm’s Energy Needs

se_customer_video_-_for_articleFlexible, dynamic and proactive - These are the qualities that today’s global organisations rely on. To gain a competitive edge, energy solution providers need to ensure that they are aware of their customers’ various needs that suit the nature of their business operations and be able to help them adapt to market changes so they can better manage their costs. These challenges are heightened for multi-site retailers, which require the flexibility of different energy plans and the convenience of managing only one bill.

It is hence important that Dairy Farm, a leading pan-Asian multi-site retailer, partners an energy solution provider who understands its massive scale of operations to achieve overall cost savings.

PowerSeraya’s retail arm Seraya Energy has been in partnership with Dairy Farm since 2006. Dairy Farm’s business portfolio focuses on supermarkets, hypermarkets, health and beauty stores and convenience stores. Examples of stores which are familiar names include Cold Storage, Giant, Marketplace, Guardian and 7- Eleven among others.

Three winning factors have contributed to the long-standing relationship that Dairy Farm has with Seraya Energy: product flexibility, customised bill format and dedicated service from its key accounts manager.

Product Flexibility

As a multi-site retailer, Dairy Farm has to be prudent with their resources and thus seek to procure energy based on different energy plans according to market conditions. Seraya Energy’s flexibility has catered to their needs and helped manage their costs effectively. Vice-President of Seraya Energy, Lim Sam San, explains why product flexibility is essential to a multi-site customer like Dairy Farm. “Dairy Farm is one example of our customer who procures power based on different energy plans according to market conditions. Seraya Energy ensures that flexibility is not compromised by allowing our customers to switch products, thereby allowing them to respond quickly to changes in the volatile energy market to better manage their costs.”

Customised Bill Format

Seraya Energy provides the added convenience for customers. Knowing that handling bills can be tedious for multi-site companies, the team has developed a bill format that groups the respective bills for multiple sites and retail outlets into one single bill. Dairy Farm is one customer that has benefited from this bill format. “I like Seraya Energy’s bill format for multi-site customers like us, as they have been able to consolidate all the bills for our multiple sites into one. Instead of receiving multiple mails containing one bill for each site, we get just one bill with a detailed breakdown summary,” said Frances Chang, Property & Projects Director of Cold Storage Singapore.

Dedicated service from key accounts manager

The key accounts manager plays a crucial role in determining the knowledge transfer to our customers, optimising the decision-making process and finally the satisfaction level of our customers. Seraya Energy’s key accounts managers go the extra mile to provide regular market information and timely updates to empower customers to make informed decisions.

“Working with Seraya Energy assures us that our resources and the expenditures that come with running multiple chains of consumer retail stores are better managed. This in turn lets us focus on our main objective of bringing high-quality fresh food as well as durable goods to our customers,” added Frances.

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