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Customers estimated to save $13,000 with SE’s Energy Makeover Programme

SE-makeover-programmeWith its third successful year, the Energy Makeover Programme is a sought after programme launched by Seraya Energy, the retail arm of YTL PowerSeraya, since its launch in year 2013.

Depending on their contract type and duration, selected customers for the programme will be able to get a $5000 lighting upgrade for choosing to continue their energy contracts with Seraya Energy, after an initial inspection of their facilities.

For chosen customers, existing lighting arrangements which are not energy efficient will be replaced with suitable lighting that will help customers to use less energy.

This year, a total of six customers were chosen to benefit from this programme.

Ms. Sally Teo, Marketing Manager of Seraya Energy, shares that Seraya Energy’s ultimate aim is to help customers achieve better cost efficiency for their electricity plans. “Our goal is to help customers save electricity and learn to use it more efficiently.”

This included putting up more than 2,000 stickers on energy saving tips in their facilities, to constantly remind them of good energy saving habits, during Earth Day in April this year.

SE-Energy-Saving-TipsThe Energy Makeover Programme is estimated to save $13,000 annually throughout all six companies who were selected to take part in this initiative. This also works out to annual energy savings of more than 63,000kWh and 28,710kg of carbon dioxide emissions avoided.

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