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Scaling New Frontiers with PetroSeraya

PetroSeraya is set to be the next growth engine for the PowerSeraya Group. While the physical oil-trading arm accounted for about 10 per cent of the Group’s total revenue for the last fiscal year ending March 2008, the company expects it to continue its healthy double-digit growth.

Formed only slightly more than a year ago, PetroSeraya has already been making waves on all fronts. Established in April 2007 to help the PowerSeraya Group optimise its fuel management assets, it exceeded all its targets in its maiden year of operations and even achieved several key milestones.

Gearing for Growth…

…With continued investments

Volatility on worldwide energy markets has accelerated the need to develop and scale up the company’s operations in order to grow the Group’s whole value chain and realise extra benefits and revenue. Integrated with the PowerSeraya Group’s electricity operations, the company has been able to buy fuel oil through PetroSeraya to create electricity or sell as marine bunkers, thereby reducing its exposure to fluctuating oil prices.

To capitalise on the rising energy needs of customers across the region, PetroSeraya has also significantly up-weighted its investments. Its aggressive strategy for expansion is clearly evident in its recent investment of S$20 million in 25,000 cubic meters of new oil blending tanks – a move that will only further strengthen the competitiveness of the Group.

With a Global Trader Award from International Enterprise (IE) Singapore, it also presents opportunities for PetroSeraya to scale up its operations and become a $1 billion business.

To meet the forecasted growth, PetroSeraya will also invest significantly in its people and existing infrastructure and has ambitious plans to gain a foothold throughout South East Asia.

…And a Brand New Website!

In its bid to reach out to all its business partners and stakeholders and keep them informed of any new developments, PetroSeraya has also just introduced its own website at

Launched in October 2008, the website will serve as a key platform to provide background information on PetroSeraya, covering key information on its business, activities as well as any recent news.

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