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Lab Accreditation Boosts Water-Testing Services

55PowerSeraya’s water testing laboratory stationed on Jurong Island was recently accredited with the ISO/IEC17025:2005 SAC-SINGLAS Accreditation in June. The SAC-SINGLAS national scheme is a third-party assessment scheme that evaluates the quality management and technical competence of laboratories. This means that PowerSeraya will now be able to issue the Certificate of Quality for all potable and non-potable water for the parameters accredited. It also makes PowerSeraya the first power generation company to be accredited in fuel oil and desalination water listed on the SAC-SINGLAS directory and website.

The SAC-SINGLAS accreditation will further boosts PowerSeraya’s capability to provide water testing services to customers. A SAC-SINGLAS accredited laboratory also translates to a higher rate of acceptance of the company’s laboratory results and inspections from local and overseas companies. This will help support PowerSeraya’s foray into the potable water sales business to expand its multi-utilities portfolio.

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