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Keeping A Tab On the Power Industry – Market Update

Bullish economic outlook to sustain growth of electricity demand, while increase in generation share of combined cycle units is expected to place downward pressure on pool prices.

Demand Outlook:

chartElectricity demand in December '09 continued to show a strong positive year-on-year growth following its upward trend since May '09. This trend is supported by the recovery of the global financial markets as well as the warmer weather which was recorded from May '09 to December '09. The electricity demand, which had now surpassed its pre-economic crisis levels, is expected to be able to sustain its continued growth on the basis of a reasonably bullish economic outlook. Based on these observations, PowerSeraya expects maximum system demand to cross the 5,800 MW mark in the near future.

Supply Outlook:

PowerSeraya's new 2x370MW co-gen is scheduled to come on stream by Q2CY2010. Correspondingly, the overall generation share of combined cycle units is expected to increase (by 12%) at the expense of generation from the steam oil units. The resulting increase in the residual supply of baseload generation is expected to moderate and maintain some downward pressure on pool prices despite higher system demand.

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