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Have An Appetite For Energy Conservation?

reap_tbIf you are thinking about doing something to conserve energy in your everyday business operations, then perhaps tertiary students from PowerSeraya’s Responsible Energy Advocates Programme (REAP) may be interested to do a project on it and help you.

Launched recently in June 2010, the REAP is a sustainability programme aimed at grooming tertiary students to be energy advocates in raising awareness and taking action on energy conservation to the wider community which includes customers of the PowerSeraya Group. Under the REAP programme, tertiary students will be required to embark on an energy conservation project.

Customers who are interested in embarking on an energy conservation project* with students of PowerSeraya’s REAP programme can register their interest with Sally Teo, Marketing Manager, at 6213 8738 by latest 31 July 10 indicating the following information:

  1. Business type/nature
  2. Scope of energy conservation project
  3. Expected outcomes of energy conservation project

*Kindly note that projects will undergo a selection process and are subject to matching of the student’s course of study (which comes from diverse disciplines).

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