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Going Green With I.T.

PowerSeraya has recently completed a two-year project to implement virtual servers that will reduce the number of physical servers in the company. This has certainly proved to be beneficial for PowerSeraya. With virtualisation, it has enabled the company to greatly reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions through the current servers by an estimated 70 percent. This translates to savings of about 26,000kWh of power and 12.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year.

In 2005, the company forecasted growth in server numbers from 15 to over 70 in two years. With rising energy and office space rental costs as a major concern in Singapore, PowerSeraya’s IT infrastructure team had to identify a solution that could support the growth and yet reduce the Company’s carbon footprint and energy consumption.

The infrastructure investment for this project cost over $100,000 to develop. This would allow the company to scale and meet the forecasted system growth, and at the same time, achieve a higher utilisation rate of computing resources. A server virtualisation infrastructure was built using a mature operating system to allow migration of the existing servers into this infrastructure. Most of the subsequent IT solutions were also implemented through this infrastructure.

With the implementation of server virtualisation technology, PowerSeraya currently runs about 60 virtual machines on four physical servers across two datacenters, enabling the company to achieve an equivalent server consolidation ratio greater than 10:1.

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