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Fun and good times for SE customers

article_4_1_1As part of Seraya Energy’s value-add as well as show of appreciation to its customers for their support, the retail subsidiary of YTL PowerSeraya held various events over the last six months.

Its signature event – Seraya Energy Forex and Oil Symposium 2014 – was held in February, this time at Gardens by the Bay. A line-up of guest speakers provided insights on fuel and US crude oil movements, as well as the global economic outlook.

As the event coincided with Valentine’s Day and the 15th day of the Chinese Lunar New Year, customers were also showered with chocolates and red packets that contain auspicious numbers, as well as a ‘lo hei’ and buffet lunch as part of the event’s sideline celebrations.

Article-4-3On another occasion, guests were also invited to enjoy the blockbuster hit - X-Men: Days of Future Past – under Seraya Energy’s Movie Night event, which was held recently at Lido Theatres. Those who arrived early were also rewarded with a small gift, while another 20 guests walked away with extra goodies during the surprise lucky draw.

Customer feedback from the events were encouraging and Seraya Energy looks forward to organising more of such ‘pumped up’ events which they can look forward to!

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