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‘Energy Makeover’ Leads to Cost Savings

Article-1-1Following the successful run of the Energy Makeover last year, Seraya Energy has rolled out the second run of its annual initiative.

A highly customised programmer to identify and emphasise how potential energy savings may be reaped from energy improvements in the workplace, six customers were selected from more than 40 customers who signed up for the initiative this year. Among the solutions and energy saving devices implemented included electrical consumption optimisers, heat-reducing solar window films, high-efficiency lightings (for offices and industrial areas) as well as energy-saving photocopiers/printers. Besides helping customers achieve energy cost savings, this value-add service offering also serves as a platform to involve its customers in playing its part for the environment.

Article-1-2Through Seraya Energy’s collaborative efforts with its strategic partners, the Energy Makeover delivered an estimated total annual energy savings of 40MWh last year, equivalent to cost savings of $10,000. This year, the initiative is expected to reap an estimated energy savings of 46.5MWh from the initial four projects. This amounts to a total reduction of $11,600 in the customers’ annual electricity bills.

Aste Global, leading regional supplier of marine products, welcomes this initiative. Its General Manager, Mr. Anthony Low, pointed out, “We all need to play a part in energy conservation. It feels good to have been selected to be part of a bigger initiative to help save costs and also the environment.” Under the initiative, the company replaced its old T8 fluorescent tubes in its office premises to the brighter and more efficient T5 fluorescent tubes.

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