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Enabling Markets Towards A Sustainable Future

climate-change_bigThe energy industry is adapting to meet environmental challenges, mainly those that climate change presents. Whilst significant challenges to becoming ‘green’ such as resource dependency on fossil fuels and the lack of effective alternatives through substitution remain, the industry is ever working hard to incorporate more sustainable solutions and initiatives to lessen its impact on the environment.

The latest Sustainability Blueprint of Singapore unveiled in the early part of this year by the Inter-Ministerial Committee for Sustainable Development (IMCSD) highlighted the resource scarcity of the country and the importance of the efficient use of non-renewable resources such as oil and gas, as well as the future large-scale adoption of renewable sources like solar energy in constructing a sustainable future for Singapore.

Among the strategies under the blueprint is the focus to improve our resource efficiency, with the government aiming for a 35 per cent improvement in energy efficiency from 2005 levels by 2030. Other strategies covered under the blueprint include the national target of having 80 per cent of our energy buildings achieve the Green Mark certification rating by 2030.

In line with the Sustainability Blueprint and as part of PowerSeraya’s continued commitment to help businesses save cost and conserve the environment, its retail arm Seraya Energy has developed GreenPlus – a unique energy solution which offers energy packages with green product features like Energy Audit, BCA Green Mark and Energy Smart Building Certification. This spells good news for businesses that are increasingly looking to embrace sustainability in its operations.

One such like-minded customer is Ngee Ann City, who has recently signed up for the package in June this year. The GreenPlus solution provides a headstart to Ngee Ann City in obtaining the BCA Green Mark and Energy Smart Office certification.

In addition, the Sustainability Blueprint strategy of increasing solar technology investments for large-scale adoption provides great potential for companies in Singapore to obtain affordable power from solar energy in the future. This may well translate to a future generation of energy users demanding for ‘greener’ power. In anticipation of this category of customers, Seraya Energy’s GreenPlus is also able to offer customers energy packages that incorporate a proportion of power generated from solar energy.

As PowerSeraya’s customers progressively seek to embark on a green journey, the company will continue to introduce innovative products and services through Seraya Energy in the areas of green energy solutions, energy efficiency and environmental friendliness to meet their diverse business needs.

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