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Customers Benefit from Energy Makeovers

2-1As part of Seraya Energy’s on-going efforts to provide value to its customers, the company launched an Energy Makeover initiative in 2013 to emphasise how cost savings may be reaped from energy efficiency improvements in the workplace.

Six months after the Energy Makeover Initiative was implemented in June 2013, all five selected customers that had received energy efficiency makeovers in their office premises saw energy savings compared to the same period the previous year.

Courts Singapore who had their 1st floor warehouse retrofitted with LED lights (from T8 fluorescent lights) reaped an impressive 18% in energy savings. On the other hand, F&N Creameries recorded slightly more than 10% energy savings after implementing a combination of heat-reducing solar window films and light retrofits. At the same time, a switch to energy efficient office printer/copier machines also led to enhanced office productivity for F&N Creameries.

Seraya Energy’s Energy Makeover initiative was a joint effort with its business partners who had helped implement energy saving solutions at different workplace settings ranging from offices to cold rooms and warehouses.

Following its initial success, Seraya Energy plans to expand this initiative in the first half of this year to more customers so that more may benefit.

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