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Achieving Synergies with Value-Added Services

As part of Seraya Energy’s on-going commitment to service excellence, the SEnergy customer portal has recently undergone a revamp and is now ready to greet customers with a brand new user experience and provide more services via the portal to meet their needs.

Not only will customers be greeted with a refreshingly brand new layout, but they will also find it easier to navigate the portal and locate required functions. Being able to analyse their electricity consumption to assist in their management reporting is now also a breeze. The enhanced reports and graphs functions offer customers the convenience of selecting and customising the period in which they want to view a report or extract a graph.

Under the statement of account feature, accounts or finance managers who wish to extract their past six months’ bills may now also do so with the click of a button.

To stay ahead of the competition, PowerSeraya constantly keeps itself on the pulse of industry by keeping its eyes and ears close to the market. Correspondingly, Seraya Energy understands customers should always make informed purchase decisions. For this reason, customers who are interested in receiving industry updates will now be able to download market commentaries* via the portal. For customers' added convenience, crude oil and fuel prices are also available on the home page.

* Market commentaries have been provided for information purposes only and do not constitute an offer to buy or sell, nor a solicitation of any offer to buy or sell any security or financial instrument or to participate in any trading strategy. PowerSeraya and its subsidiaries have no obligation to inform you when such information changes or is outdated. No representation or warranty is made with respect to the accuracy, completeness or currentness of the material contained on the SEnergy customer portal.

improved-navigationImproved navigation
Besides sporting a new look, the SEnergy customer portal is now easier to navigate. At a glance, customers can get the latest fuel prices on the portal's home page, see their latest bill balance, check the latest happenings of Seraya Energy under Announcements, view eco-friendly tips, as well as navigate easily to other sections using the menu bar.

customisedGet reports and graphs by customised period
We hear you! Customers have given us their feedback that they would like to be able to plot their own graphs according to the time period of their choice, as well as retrieve reports for specific time periods. As such, they can now view reports or plot selected graphs up to a twelve-month period. This will serve as a useful tool to help them with their reporting or presentation needs.

statementStatement of account for six months' bill
In addition to retrieving their bills online, customers can now also view a consolidated summary of their bills over the last six months.

Market commentaries
Customers who are interested in receiving industry updates will now be able to download market commentaries from PowerSeraya's trading team to hear their views and analysis on the latest foreign exchange and oil trends.

profileEdit profile and alerts
Now customers can update their contact details anytime they want to, simply by logging in to SEnergy and keying in their updated details under My Profile. They can also choose the types of alerts they want to receive. These include receiving the latest bill via email, an SMS notification to inform them that their latest bill is ready or an email reminder when the bill is not viewed after five days.

So login today to experience the SEnergy customer portal!

Haven't received or forgotten your User ID and Password*? Simply click here, fill up your details and type "Send me my SEnergy user ID and Password", and we'll send you your login details! If you need further assistance, please contact us at 63636688.

* The SEnergy customer portal is a value-added service for Seraya Energy customers. You have to be a Seraya Energy customer in order to receive a user ID and password.

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